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What is it?

OnAMap.me uses your device location to show your location on any given map (see available maps above).

This was created to avoid the hassle of switching between looking at tourist maps (to see what's interesting) and Google maps (to see where I am) when visiting a new town. Now you can see your location on the tourist map directly!

For now it only supports maps that I have set up, but it is envisaged that in future you could add your own map on the fly as needed (arrive in town, take photo of tourist map, upload here, good to go!).

Contact me

I'd love to hear your feedback, or requests for new maps. Email me at [email protected]

Alternatively find me on facebook.


This site does not collect or store your location data. For more information, see the privacy policy.

Development Notes and TODO:

* Map showing available maps
* User-provided maps
* Map UI improvements
* Add custom point of interest markers?

Map sources

Where I got the maps from.

Map Date Accessed Source Permission
Corsham 8/4/2023 link For non-commercial purposes, received by email 20/4/2023
Bath 8/4/2023 link Free for non-commercial use with attribution
Chippenham (1773) 8/4/2023 link Public domain
Malmesbury 8/4/2023 link Pending
Castle Combe 8/4/2023 link Pending
Puxton Park 11/4/2023 link Pending
Bowood House and Gardens 12/4/2023 link Pending
Beale Wildlife Park 13/4/2023 link Pending
Chana Festival 13/4/2023 Sky Group Yes
Woodhill Mountain Bike Park 24/4/2023 link Pending
Queenstown Gardens 28/4/2023 link Pending
Royal International Air Tattoo 2024 29/6/2024 link Pending
Kew Gardens 4/5/2023 link Pending
Auckland Zoo 19/6/2023 link Pending
The Eden Project 22/6/2023 link Pending
Diggerland Devon 22/6/2023 link Pending
Oxford (1605) 2/7/2023 link Public Domain
Corfe Castle 4/7/2023 link Pending
Cambridge 1575 (Braun & Hogenberg) 9/7/2023 link Pending
Chatuchak Weekend Market 9/7/2023 link Pending
Ohope Cycle Trails 28/7/2023 link Pending
Bath Skyline 16/3/2024 link Pending
Red Rose Camp 2024 27/4/2024 Provided by email 27/4/24